Sunday, December 12, 2010

YS Jagan horoscope

Yenduguri Sandiniti Jagan Mohan Reddy is the son of late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr.YS Rajasekhara Reddy was born on December 21, 1972. He was born on Thursday on Krishna Paksha Padyami with Brahma Yoga. He was born in Mithuna Rasi with the lord Budha and Dhannur lagna with Guru as the lord. The star of Jagan Mohan Reddy is Arudra with remaining Rahu dasa of 5 years five months and six days.

His horoscope is a wonder, something you cannot ever see. I don't want to write too much about it and take conclusions from it. There lots of people who don't believe in Indian Astrology, let them be. I want to say one that if there exists fate and it can be predicted by Astrology this cannot be changed. Because the definition fate is "what happens" not "might happen".

As per the horoscope, Jagan is under the vibrations of Jupiter and Sun. He is ingenious and a good organizer. He will get success in any field of business. He will reach a high position of authority in movements and politics. Either he will be a firm believer of religion or he will be an atheist. He will put your views in front of the public through pen. He is very lucky in financial matters. However, he will lack money in the old age.

There is huge similarity between Jagan vs MGR horoscope. Both are supposed to reach great position in Arts/ literature at early age -
MGR as reached it as Great Movie Actor
Jagan reached it as Sakshi Editor

Both are supposed to humilated/ beaten by Jealousy. This happened in inaspicious aspects of Rahu as per their horoscope.
MGR was sent off from DMK by Karunanidhi for asking Cinematograph Ministry.
Jagan was sent off from Cong for asking permission to continue Odarpu yatra.

They will reach their highest postions with in quick time and it is not possible to thake that position from them to normal human horoscopes. Only death can take it away or one more should born with that yogas. This good fortune will not only continue for him but also for all the forces allied with him.

MGR, his party in Tamilnadu or Cong in Certer (who alligned with) never lost. MGR won on death bed, he was declared as winner post his death. This was never happned before but might happen again only for Jagan.


  1. MGR worked hard to be in that position, Jagan worked hard to cheat people and loot the state....your article is not true.

  2. How can we say and support such a person who did lot of corruption, who influenced officers to support him., else threatened them...will become Chief Minister of a State? Are we still in Paleolithic period?

  3. How can he be respected well learned
    U must know the person before u comment
    Know his personality
    God forbid such persons leading our state

  4. Ha ha best Joke of the Decade ...

    MGR as reached it as Great Movie Actor
    Jagan reached it as Sakshi Editor

    Above comparison is enough shows how much ammatured this stupid and value less article..Grow up KID

    Guru-Chandala yogam lo puttina daridrudu veedu ..Khooni kore,vadi sanka nakatam mani..astrology nerchukora jaffa ga first